Aran Bert – Italian/ American/ Belgian

Aran began his acting career in a small school based out of a warehouse in Milan. He then went on to perfect his craft at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in New York. Being granted a one-year working visa, he began successfully his professional career being cast in student projects, short movies,indie projects and feature films. After which, he returned to Italy, this time to Rome, where he continued to pursue and perfect his career. A while after he extended his reach to the Belgian/French market and its possibilities.

Aran’s mother tongue is English&Italian and was educated at an International School. He learned and spoke French on the streets of Brussels where he grew up, he learned Spanish in middle and high-school (and speaks it fluently) and thanks to his Portuguese friends he speaks a distinct Portuguese. He can switch from one language to the next with ease and can play a combination of accents and dialects.

Furthermore, he is a very skilled athlete. His favourites sports include surfing (he is a certified ISA instructor), snowboarding, swimming, running, mountain bike, martial arts, stage combat skills. He has both a car and motorbike driver’s license.

Aran recently finished working on a TV-series for Eyeworks, “1985” to be aired in 2022, where he played the role of Frank Eitan, an undercover CIA agent.

He spends his time between London, Brussels and Rome.

Aran is fully vaccinated, has no qualms to travel and is eager to start regularly working again after the difficult times which affected us all.

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