Valentina Vinci – Italian

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Valentina graduated from ‘La Cometa’ drama school in Rome in 2013 and represented Italy at the   Shakespeare’s Globe’s International Actors’ Fellowship of 2015.
She has since become an active member of the International Actors Ensemble company, specialised in multi-lingual and multi-cultural Shakespearean productions, with whom she has recently toured South Korea and Mexico.
Stage credits include: Dromio of Ephesus in ‘The Comedy of Errors’ (IAE – Mexican tour), Beatrice, Juliet and Hamlet in ‘Shakespeare As WE Like It'(UK/France), Joan of Arc in ‘Bedlam : madness in Shakespeare’ (UK), Caliban in ‘The Tempest'(Italy), Isabella in ‘Measure for Measure’ (Italy), Pinocchio in ‘Pinocchio’ (UK/Ireland tour) and Beauty in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (UK).
Valentina has also gained experience in front of the camera appearing in a number of short films and independent movies including ‘Down to One’ and ‘Fuorisede’.
She is trained in Commedia dell’Arte, physical theatre and dance as well as stage combat.

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