Anemone Rasmussen – Danish

Anemone is a Danish actress based in London. She graduated from East 15 Acting School in 2021 with a BA in Acting. Anemone speaks English and Danish fluently and German on an intermediate level. She is currently taking classes to gain fluency in German as well.

Since graduating she has played the lead in three different short films by NFTS, London Film Academy and by Danish director Alex Hein.

In the final term of drama school Anemone played the lead character of Anna in the emotionally and technically challenging play Anatomy of a Suicide by Alice Birch.

Anemone also made her debut as a writer and director at the International Festival of Original Work at East 15 in 2020.

In 2021, whilst at drama school, she also completed the two Instinctive Acting courses 33 days Reset Journey and Purpose group – 12 weeks led by acting coach Jo Kelly. Anemone is constantly looking to grow with her craft.

Prior to moving to London, Anemone took several acting courses and one year on a singer/songwriter course in Copenhagen. She is musical by nature and enjoys singing folk and pop songs. She also enjoys doing yoga and freedancing.

Anemone’s name is pronounced a bit like “Anna Moon”, but feel free to call her “Moon”.

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