Cara Lenihan – Irish

Cara is from Dublin and trained as an actor at Drama Centre London. At Drama Centre she completed a Masters in Screen Acting, combining the teachings of Stanislavsky, the movement work of Rudolf Laban and the character typology of Carl Jung to produce a ‘movement psychology’ for the analysis and development of characters.

Cara also holds a first class honours BSc. in Psychology and has trained under a Jungian Psychoanalyst which has greatly informed her work as an actor and her approach in creating multidimensional characters.

Cara has performed in a number of productions for television and film including Game of Thrones and Fair City and has been cast as the lead role in a feature film directed by an award winning director Jason Figgis. Cara has a great passion for understanding human behaviour and utilising the mediums of stage, television and film as a means to help understand, address and solve societal issues.

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