Clara Vior – Spanish

Clara Vior is a Spanish actor who has been treading the boards since the age of 6. She performed in productions directed by Roberto Leal like “Xulieta esta noutra parte” (Juliette is Somewhere Else, 2007), which she toured with in Spain; and “Amor de Don Perlimplin con Belisa en su jardin” (Don Perlimplin love’s with Belisa in her garden. 2012) or “Animaliños” (Little Animals, 2014), both of which were won awards over the years.
She then followed her dream of becoming a professional actor and spent 5 years training with Juan Carlos Corazza in his Actor’s Studio in Madrid. While training she kept busy performing in different plays and short films, like “Sola”, which was granted a third place award in the FIBABC Festival. She graduated in 2019.
After graduating, she immersed herself in the making of a documentary with her sister, telling the story of their mum, who was diagnosed with a variant of Alzheimer’s and decided to take her own life. The documentary project received a grant by and was Top 3 on the Second Edition of Sony Talent League, an international contest for mixed media projects.
In 2020, she was cast in a TiE tour around the UK and decided to stay in London and further her acting career. Since then, she’s kept busy with different theatre and film productions as well as her documentary.
Clara’s friends and family describe her as a Renaissance artist: she’s a skilled actor, musician (accordion), painter and illustrator (traditional and digital). She also enjoys roller skating, surfing, going to museums and the theatre and trying to learn new skills every day.