Dag Soerlie – Norwegian

Scandinavian actor, Dag Soerlie, trained at Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts- WAAPA and also holds a Masters degree in Acting from Rose Bruford College, London.
A versatile actor, that has been said to have a “unique approach “ to his characters and work.
Started as a dancer in a musical at the age of sixteen, and from then on, his love and passion for the industry and the creative work has taken him to a lot of different places and productions. Trained at the Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts and after staying in Perth for three years, he came to London in 2005.
Some of his most recent work includes the role of Mayor in Telic Studios Feature film “That´s Interesting,” shot both in Swedish and English. In Norway, he has been playing Robert F. Scott in The Last South and King Neptune for seven consecutive summers. He played Orn in the Radio drama Dance to the Music of Time for BBC Radio 4 and the voice of Alvar Alto for BBC Radio 3.

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