Hanna Luna – Mexican

Classically trained at the National Institute of Arts (I.N.B.A), one of the top drama schools in Mexico City and at The Institute of Stage Arts (I.A.E). At the age of 13, Hanna joined a programme aimed at adults due to an admin error, allowing her to pursue her burning desire to be a performer. Little did she know what she was getting into, and it was the best thing she ever could have done. She was spotted by leading Director Manuel Castillo whilst training, who then gave her a professional theatrical debut in his production of The House of Bernarda Alba as Bernarda. Her performance and characterization were highly acclaimed and thus followed a 9-year span (1994 – 2003) of professional experience in leading roles in classical productions in Mexico City. These productions included Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, Andromache in The Trojan Women, Chorus in The Seven against Thebes, Nina in the Seagull, Madame de Saint-Fond in Madame de Sade, Monsieur de la Coterie in A curious Mishap, The Wife and then The Bride in Blood Wedding, Constanza in Photograph by the Sea of Mexican author Emilio Carballido, Zuzanka and various roles in Zuzanka’s Game of Milos Makourec, Lucille in Le Bourgeois gentilhomme, Dona Beatriz and Leonarda in Cervantes’s Eight Comedies and Eight New Interludes, Pascuala in Fuenteovejuna, Elvira in The Best Mayor, The King, Various characters on Streewise (Contemporary Mexican theatre, Jesus Gonzalez Davila) amongst others. She has received great references from these mainstream directors and producers in Mexico.
Between 2003-2013 she moved to London, studied natural voicework, trained as a Tai chi and Qigong teacher, worked in retail, worked in the corporate world, worked as translator, Spanish teacher and raised a family. In 2013 she co-presented her first Latin Radio show “La M” in London in English and Spanish. She also began to work as a voice-over actor in projects such as the James Bond movie Spectre and Special Correspondents doing ADR, Audio-books, animation and commercials. Most recently she has returned to the stage testing the waters as a Latin actor in London with the Acting Gymnasium with Irish director Gavin McAllinden playing lead and supporting roles in Moliere’s Misanthrope as Phillinte, Lucienne in A Flea in her Ear by Feydau and Cleopatra in Antony and Cleopatra. In these productions, her performances were described by critics as “exceptional”.

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