Phillip Schurer – British

Phillip Schurer was born in England And moved to Paris at the age of 18 .

After studying acting at Bilingual actors workshop and Bob Mcandrews  acting studio,Phillip soon landed roles in all of Frances National Theatres ,Touring over 100 Towns In France Belgium and Switzerland .

His first play ,staring french actors Jean Lefebvre  and Roger Pierre Le Vie De Seignure  was nominated for best comedy. After 2 more years of touring with Pierre Dorris and Sophie Darrel in the play La Centenaire to 100 more national theatres Phillip decided that he wanted to venture into film.

He landed his first cinema film playing Jane Birkins son in La Reine De Jour. This cinema experience landed him  leading roles in the American film Twice by Sarah Arlen, Cold Ground by Fabien  Delage and the lead in La Consolation with Lea Drucker which won Best TV film 2017 at the International Film Festival La Rochelle.

Phillip also has a wealth of Presenting experience,  fronting Programs such as Spot on the Map Paris ,and Moteur Action.


Phillip has now returned to the UK

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