Quentin Coudert – French

Quentin COUDERT started acting age 24. He studied the craft of acting with the renowned French Casting Director Olivier Carbone who worked on famous movies such as InglouriousBasterds with Christopher waltz or La Môme with Marion Cotillard.

He is a French native. He also traveled to America to discover the method of the Susan Batson Studio, to Russia to learn about the Stanislavsky method and keep working with different teachers to improve and perfect his craft. He has appeared in several renowned TV Shows in France such as Plus Belle La vie, Section de Recherches and Crime Parfait. He has also worked in many short-films where he was able to ace his acting skills by playing a large range of roles such as a soldier, a young student, a dead-man, a taxi driver and more.

He is well versed in various sports and movement disciplineslike gymnastics, num-chuks, tennis and fitness.

Disciplined, hard-working and courageous he always gives his best in every project he goes for.

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