Samantha Kamras – North American

Samantha Kamras is an actor from Canada with a Masters of Fine Arts from East 15.

Before moving to the UK, she was working in New Brunswick where she participated in the province’s annual theatre festival, Shakespeare troupe and with emerging theatre companies through which she travelled Canada’s Fringe circuit. She has performed all sorts of characters, from Ophelia in an acclaimed production of Hamlet to Marlene inTop Girls. She has also dabbled in film, having won Best Actress at the SilverWave Film Festival two years running.

Since settling in London, she has performed the challenging lead in Lorca’s Dona Rosita, and has travelled with a production of Tuesdays and Sundays to the Brighton Fringe.

She is a lover of all arts, indulging in writing and dancing (mostly when nobody’s watching), and fills her spare time finding creative inspirations in small corners of London.

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