Vanessa Vital – Portuguese

Vanessa Vital is a Portuguese trained actress with 14 years of experience. Her most recent workin the UK has been as a Nightclub Dancer on Maskman Musa Videoclip, an Icelandic Fan on a TV WorldCup Commercial for Hyundai and she has starred in several Short-Films.

Vanessa graduated top of her class from The Balleteatro Professional School and received her B.A. in Theatre Acting from Theatre & Cinema School of Lisbon. While pursuing her degree she put on approximately 30 shows ranging from Street Performances, to Concerts, to Lead Characters and Assistant Directing on Musical Theatre Play ‘The Factory’ from Par Lagerkvist. After graduation, Vanessa wanted to give back to her community so she took a step further and started teaching Drama, Singing and Musical Theatre in both public and private Performing Arts schools. Alongside, working with her students she was perfecting her own singing skills performing as a Lead Singer for multiple Acoustic and Band projects.

With her overriding ambition to act she made the momentous decision to move to the UK in order to study for a Masters in ‘Screen Performance & Communication Techniques’, graduating with Commendation and consolidating her acting experience.

 Vanessa is currently living in Bedford, UK and looking forward to building a successful career.

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