Anja Kick – German/Brazilian

Anja is German/Brazilian and grew up in various countries, including some quite exotic places like the Dominican Republic and Dubai. She speaks English, German, Portuguese and Spanish to native level.
She trained at Drake University, Iowa, USA (when she said exotic she meant it), as well as at The Lee Strasberg Film and Theatre Institute in NYC, after which she gained years of invaluable experience on stage and screen.
She then took a break from acting to travel, teach languages, play pro volleyball, marry, have babies, and rescue two dogs a cat and a hamster. Now, based in London and Norwich, Anja is firmly back on the acting saddle – she’s recently worked on three short films led by award winning directors, she is due to star in a feature – in a role written for her, as well as being cast in a global commercial for one of the largest environmental groups in the world.
Her talent, professionalism and intuitive nature has prompted industry professionals to invite her to work with them more than once, which is a testament to her dedication and work ethic.