Aoife Nolan – Irish/American

Born in Cork to an Irish Mother and American father, Aoife started out in musical theatre at a young age. Since moving to London however she’s focused on plays and film. She is versatile and naturalistic actor, having played comedic roles such as Bernadette in the play, “Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons” by Sam Steiner, and dramatic roles like Fay in “Pomona” by Alistair McDowall.

In film she has appeared in “Invisible” by Fawn Productions and will play a lead role in “Martha” by Loud Voices Silent Streets.

She’s a mezzo soprano trained singer and is a current member of the Sing Space Ensemble. She loves to sing jazz whenever she can.

She is a proud Gaelic speaker, although not fluent, takes any opportunity to speak it. She is also an active member of the Irish Creative Collective, London.

She holds both Irish and American passports.

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