Ashleen Struyven – Irish / French

Ashleen is a French and Irish actress who graduated from Drama Centre Central Saint Martins in 2017.

While finishing her law degree in Paris she took classes at Acting International for a year before auditioning for Drama Centre and moving to London.

She specialised in screen acting but has also performed on stage as Georgia in Soundtracks to simulated cruelties directed by Adrian Bridget.

Her screen work includes short films such as The Road Not Taken-Blue Hope by Maja Diedenhofen , The Best Policy by Asya Petrova,  When will the distance be forgotten recently semi-finalist at the Traveling Short Festival in Vancouver.

She also worked on different Drama Centre production films including with director Carol Wiseman and directors Sammy Roman and Savanah Leaf (Cannes short film corner).

She participated in workshops including Jean- Claude Cotillard and actress and coach Carol Fox Prescott from New York.

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