Christophe Delesques – French

Born near Avignon in France, Christophe Delesques has lived and worked in Paris, as well as Lausanne, Geneva and London. He has built an eclectic artistic performance style, mainly as a stage and cinema actor but also as a theatre director and as a set and costume designer. With an early appreciation of physical theatre and the spoken word, Christophe Delesques began studying theatre at the age of twelve. He has developed his craft with, among others, Georges Guerreiro (Meisner, Stanislavsky) and Fabian Gysling (mask work, Lassaâd) and at City Academy London (screen acting, voice over, improvisation, dance).

During the past few years, he has played a whole range of characters in contemporary and classical plays under the direction of Valérie Poirier, Kahled Khouri, Georges Guerreiro, Nicolas Vivier and Claudia Nuara. Among his latest performances in theatre, one highlight was his one man show, The Diary of a Mad Man by Gogol, performed in 2017 in Geneva. In cinema, he appears in lead roles in the films of young directors such as Antoine Russbach, Sami Khadraoui, Joël Baud and Oskar Rosetti. Later this year, he plays the lead role in the english feature film Exit, directed by Michael Fausti.

In parallel to his acting activities, he founded his own theatre company Point Barre in 2010. Since then, he has managed all aspects of the production of plays from fundraising to promotion and accounting. In 2015, he was assistant director to Stefan Lochau, Berlin director (Family Flöz). He is also a member of Compagnie La Ruche, very active in France and Switzerland. It was with this company that, in 2016, he directed and art designed the successful Puisque Rien Ne Se Perd, an absurd comedy celebrating the physicality of zany characters. He is also credited as set manager and costume designer of the series L’Horoscope de Marcio, #Seniors as well as the short film Sankofa. In 2018, Christophe Delesques finished writing Influence, a theatre project written in the style of a science-fiction film exposing the base instincts of humans when their primal needs are not satisfied. He also wrote the short film Type 1, a fictional account of the experience of living with diabetes through the eyes of two sufferers.

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