Clide Delaney – Irish

Clide Delaney has been involved in acting for over 20 years in that time he has appeared in numerous TV and film productions as well as theatre and street performance. Clide appeared in RTE’s Production Proof 2 directed by Thaddeus o’Sullivan in 2005 and the Road Safety authority’s Advert ‘Mess’ in 2007. After Studying at the Gaiety School of Acting’s full time programme in 2008/2009 he formed Amigos theatre Co. with Marcos Isla and the Company has put on classics such as Samuel Beckett’s ‘Endgame’ and Edward Albee’s ‘The Zoo Story’ to sold out crowds in Dublin’s Smock Alley Theatre. Having appeared in numerous tv and stage productions over the past ten years Clide is can be see in Forthcoming film DubDaze to premier at north American Austin revelation film festival this year

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