Debbie Bridge – Canadian / British

Like a mad scientist brewing their latest concoction, I love to experiment with my voice and take it places it’s never been!
As a kid, I created my own language of sound which I used with friends back in North America and still use today at home – Brighton & London. This has helped me come up with all sorts of sounds and voices in all the work I’ve done over the years.  I’m not afraid to ‘do it my way’ and be a complete fool at the same time.
Today, I am a professional opera singer and actor with more than 15 years’ experience in the entertainment industry both as a performer and teacher. This encouraged me to learn German as a 2nd language, French, Italian, and Latin which I can speak a little, but pronounce well. Having a flexible voice, I’ve sought all sorts of ways to use it: radio, TV announcing, outdoor stage productions both as a singer and actor and in recording studios doing other composers’ work. I’ve even been lucky enough to walk the crosswalk and record at Abbey Studios, London with the D’Oyly Carte’s production/film of ‘HMS Pinafore.’
Having been a guest on radio shows and given talks to various societies on Canadian and American composers all across the United Kingdom, I was inspired to create my own radio program called “The New Classics,” a show which was prerecorded with live guests in the studio. Playing the role of host, engineer, and sound editor was no small feat and I’m proud of the great feedback I always received.
But here’s the secret I really want to share with you…. I am a closet animation film fan!  Glad that’s out! I’ve no shame in being the only adult with no kid next to me in the cinema – good thing I get to sit in the dark while I laugh and cry out loud. I’m also, if you haven’t guessed, a Sci-fi and fantasy fan. So my dream job is to voice villains and crazy critters for the animation and games markets.
My voice-over animation work with B7 Productions on ‘Extraordinary Tales’ for Audible has taken me a step closer to my dream.  As Steph, the roving reporter for ‘Dark Sands Radio,’ I get to interview zombies and be a know it all with her finger on the pulse of the town of Dark Sands – a place full of ‘Extraordinary Tales’ which will make your hair stand on end. Mwahahaha!
Curiosity is big to me. Coupled with my love of travel, it has led me to swim with dolphins in New Zealand, ride horses in the wilds of Canada, clear out a scorpion from my tent in South Africa, and tandem jump from a plane in England.
I’m also really good at listening to a client’s needs and desires and quickly finding a sound with my voice and really bringing it to life. I love that collaborative process and creativity!