Em Noden – American

Em Noden is an actor-musician from New York who is very excited to be living in London. They have dual citizenship from America and the UK and are soon to be graduating from Rose Bruford College. Their main instruments are flute, which they have been playing for 11 years, and electric bass, which they have been playing for 4 years. They can also play a bit of piano, guitar, double bass, and ukulele when needed. Em found their passion for acting when they started doing local musical theatre for fun at age 5, and continued to explore their love for it as they got older, eventually applying to drama school in their final year of highschool. Em loves everything acting and music, and is very open to playing a vast array of characters across different mediums of art. When not acting, Em loves to see their favourite bands in concert and jump about in a mosh pit. A special skill they have is doing screamo and hardcore/punk vocals, and a secret dream of theirs is to one day record these vocals on a track with their favourite band Static Dress.
Em was recently a part of the production “Roots” created by Mercy Theatre Collective where they got to perform an original spoken word piece titled “I Don’t Have Roots” as well as accompanying other pieces by playing flute and piano. The community aspect of the piece was something they will cherish for a long time and would love to share in future projects. Some other recent roles they have played are Lord Hazlitt Trelaw in an actor-musician version of “The Grinning Man” and Jo in “Anatomy of a Suicide”. As well as acting, Em also enjoys being a Music Director, and was lucky enough to write and direct the music for a production of “Romeo and Juliet” where they played the role of Benvolio.
Another passion of Em’s is stage combat. They are BADC certified with a Merit in single hand sword and hand to hand combat, and are looking forward to furthering their training in the coming year. Em was also very grateful to be the fight captain in their production of “The Grinning Man” and is excited to pursue this more.

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