Flaviana Cruz Clark – Brazilian

Flaviana is an attentive and dedicated actress, mother, wife, daughter, friend who is always bringing her can do attitude, attention to detail and efficiency to everything she does, always with a good dose of focus, humour and friendliness. She was born in Brazil, but the only “Brazilianess” left in her now, has to be her feistiness and the famous Latina attitude that she saves for her acting or handling husband/toddler duo. She’s lost her tan, loves an orderly queue and now drives quite sensibly! Ok, ok, ok, she still talks a lot and tends to be the life of the party when out and about with friends. But, she has stopped talking with strangers out of the blue (unless they are wearing something she loves and then she must know where it came from) – surely that proves she’s practically British now? Most of her acting training, experience and career has taken place in England, where she attended drama school (East 15) and developed lovely connections in the industry (including her a AMAW tribe – Anthony Meindl Workshop for Actors). However, she also had a lot of fun in -20C weather learning Biomechanics and falling even more in love with Chekhov while in Moscow at GITIS (yes, she just about survived the weather but the learning, the city and the people were totally worth it!). But as luck would have it, she was also submerged deep into the Balinese dance and culture, living, performing and attending ceremonies with the locals while also working on her tan, meeting a King and having her first steps towards mindfulness… Some people, right? Flaviana brings a good combination of seriousness and silliness in the right dose at the right time – because everyone needs a bit of a laugh during down time or between takes. Since graduating, she has played some fierce Latina women (obviously!), but also a few sexy ladies, a sophisticated boss or friend and sometimes even the damsel in distress (with a backbone). She’s a good friend, a caring partner and an even better yummy mummy. Most deliciously challenging roles she’s had to date have to be Helena in Uncle Vanya and Jane in Vieux Carre because vulnerability with strength is her jam! She dreams of creating stories about identity, connectedness and acceptance. A mixture of real life stories and adaptations of her beloved fantasy world books too. She even produced some of these stories already, in a successful performance of short plays (in London) via her Production Company Floating Cork where she brought all her qualities mentioned above as Producer, Director and Actor. Now when she’s not having fun with her toddler or developing her craft via AMAW and private lessons, she’s trying to develop scripts and a contemporary book too!

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