Isla – Age 13

Isla is 13 years old and lives in Brighton. She loves all things creative! Since a young age she has had an interest in writing and directing plays and short films with her friends. Isla has performed in various school shows, such as Les Miserables and Guys and Dolls, singing and dancing in both. She joined Third Space over a year ago to study acting skills and stage combat. She was cast in Midsummer Night’s Dream, performed in Improv Shows and is currently rehearsing for The Crucible, playing Hale. Her interests include playing flute as a solo performer as well as being part of a wind ensemble; she recently took her grade three flute exam. She is also a member of a youth samba band, playing percussion. Isla is an enthusiastic dancer, taking part in weekly commercial, jazz and grade five ballet classes. She is involved in a female led dance performance group and will be performing a contemporary piece about climate change for Brighton Festival in 2023. She loves to crochet and make clothes, she plays tennis, goes sea swimming, is passionate about drawing and painting, she enjoys making sushi, regularly bakes and she is an avid reader.