Leena Makoff – Polish

Leena Makoff learned acting as a teen and young adult in a studio with the spirit of a Russian theatre tradition. She then proceeded to harness her craft by performing in various shows in a touring theatre company in Poland. Since she moved to London in 2017, Leena trained with Gary Condes in Meisner acting technique, at Identity School of Acting, Maktub Theatre Company, and with various screen acting teachers like Faye Beck, Alisdair MacKay, and Christopher Hanvey. Her TV credits include The Tuckers for BBC Wales and The Power for Amazon Prime.

She performed in London in various shows at Drayton Arms, Camden People’s, 26 Crowndale Road (former Theatro Technis), Etcetera, Canal Cafe, and Rosemary Branch theatres. Miss Margarida’s Way that Leena performed at Brighton Fringe is Offie nominated in OffFest Category 2023 and Do iPhones Dream of Electric Sheeple? (that she co-directed as well) is nominated for Offie Commendation and Standing Ovation 2023 for exceptional achievement in fringe theatre.

She has experience working as a radio station host back in Poland and VO artist here in London. Polish Halloween, a theatre piece based on her play written before moving out, was performed in an OFF-section at the Stage Songs Review Festival in Wroclaw, Poland in 2022.

When she doesn’t act, Leena works as a life model and duty manager at Park Theatre and Camden People’s Theatre and practices yoga or roller skating.

Makoff’s trial-and-error way of doing life leads her to constantly pivot and keep finding out what doesn’t work in order to improve it. Leena’s awakening was facilitated by the Human Design framework however, currently, she’s crazy about the mythological and archetypal ways of working with the psyche.