Luca Guastini – Italian

Luca was born in Livorno on March 9, 1982. He studied in Rome under Beatrice Bracco at the Acting Training Teatro Blu and then with Michael Margotta at the Actor’s Center. In 2009 he was on stage with the Italian premiere of Crollo! by Jean Tay, directed by Giulio Stasi, selected at the Napoli Fringe Festival.

His debut on the big screen is in 2010 with Exit: Una storia personale, written and directed by Massimiliano Amato, a role for which he received the award as best actor at the Festival du cinéma italien d’Annecy. He is also the lead role of the short film Coincidenze based on the homonymous story by Stefano Benni, directed by Gabriele Paoli. In 2011 he starred in Acciaio, a film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Silvia Avallone, directed by Stefano Mordini and presented in Venice at the 2012 Giornate degli Autori.

He returned on stage in 2013 for the Italian premiere of In a dark dark house, a play by Neil LaBute and directed by Massimiliano Amato. Subsequently he was in two debut films: L’universale by Federico Micali and L’ospite, a biopic focused on the figure of the philosopher Giovanni Gentile and directed by Ugo Frosi.

In 2016 he starred in Distant Vision, a live cinema project written and directed by Francis Ford Coppola. In 2018 he was the lead role of Malerba directed by Simone Corallini and Verso un altrove by Massimiliano Amato, he also starred in the TV series I delitti del BarLume by Roan Johnson. Lately he starred in the feature film Ero in Guerra ma non lo sapevo by Fabio Resinaro and the series Leonardo directed by Daniel Percival and Alexis Sweet.

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