Mika Hirata – Japanese

Mika Hirata is a Japanese actor graduating from Leeds Conservatoire with BA in Acting. She also undertook a foundation acting course at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.  While in her four years of training, she’s discovered her passion for the power of storytelling.

It has always been her ambition to be an actor in the UK since she found her enthusiasm for British theatre and films in her teens.

She has lived in multiple countries since the age of thirteen, such as Japan, New Zealand, Netherlands, Germany and Italy.  This has sparked her interest in travelling and always being full of curiosity, eager to explore the unknown.

Outside of acting, she loves dancing, tea ceremonies, going to the gym, learning languages including English and Italian.

In her graduate season, she played Jenny Hood in Scandaltown, directed by Erin Carter and Kei Mishima (Israel Hands) in Treasure Island, directed by Tom Bellerby.
She is looking forward to playing characters which fully exploit her potential while challenging her to grow as an actor.

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