Nejib Belhassen – French / Tunisian

Nejib has played a diverse set of lead roles in both television and film, within Arabic markets (such as Tunisia, Egypt and United Arab Emirates) and filled other important roles in France and Spain. He has filmed in several languages including Classical Arabic, Tunisian, Egyptian, French, Spanish, English, Hebrew and Turkish.  He has been cast in a variety of roles from a sniper to an ambassador, a charmer and more.

He is best known for his roles in the series “Casting” 2010 in Tunisia, “Saraya Abdeen” 2014-15 MBC Tv Egypt, “Tunisian’s Stories” 2015 in Tunisia, “The Jewish Quarter” 2015 in Egypt, “Lanester Memento Mori” 2015 in France 2 Tv, “Love Without Borders” 2017 in the Emirates MBC1 Tv, “Moussa” 2021 EGYPT, “Glow and Darkness” 2021 Spain.

He is also known for the Tunisian’s “Stories” film 2011, “The 4th Pyramid” 2016 Egypt, “Talq senae” 2018 Egypt and “The Last Meteor” Egypt in post production for 2022.

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