Olivia Jannesson – Swedish

Olivia Jannesson is a Swedish actress, musician and voice over artist, director and writer, who graduated from City Varsity in Cape Town, gaining a BA with merit and distinctions in Acting and a certificate in Digital video editing. Fluent in Swedish and English, with conversational skills in French, Norwegian and Danish, growing up in multiple countries has certainly helped this and her arsenal of various accents.
Sports quickly became a language that transcended all language barriers, as she threw herself headfirst into any challenge that came her way. Horse riding, fencing, football, boxing, swimming and golf are a few of the sports that she has competed in on a higher level, while simultaneously training in yoga, various dance styles, gymnastics and scuba diving.
Music was always another important aspect in Olivia’s life, as she began to sing at a very young age, and then learned to play the flute as well as the drums. She is currently learning to play the ukulele.
She played the lead in the short film ‘Artificial Paradise’, which was awarded Film of the Year at City Varsity and Olivia was awarded with Best Actor. She has also worked on ‘Black Sails’ and ‘The Dark Tower’, and recently wrote, directed and performed in her one woman show ‘The Carnalval’.
Olivia is currently living in London.