Richard Carroll – Irish

Richard has been performing on and off the stage since he was a child. His first taste of the London acting scene came in 1999 when he took a role in a production of Christina Reid’s play, The King of the Castle, which was selected from an Irish regional final to be performed on the Olivier stage at the National Theatre. After completing his education at Edinburgh University, alongside a substantial list of plays, musicals and Edinburgh fringe turns, he returned to London to train at Art’s Ed.

Joining IAL in its infancy, Richard quickly landed his first TV appearance in Westlife’s music video for the song ‘Safe’ and has since enjoyed roles in central London theatres, TV commercials, Idents, short films, a billboard campaign and even as a 3D hologram in a museum. He has a penchant for puppetry and the piano, and plays all manner of outdoor sports.

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