Sunny Patel – British / Indian

Sunny ‘Sunil’ Patel was born and raised in North West London, to Indian parents who herald from the state of Gujarat in India. He is known for his commanding, alpha-male, and authoritative presence on stage  and has played many leading roles in classic plays like Cyrano de Bergerac and Misanthrope. He is also a voice actor and has narrated audiobooks and done character voices for video game companies like Neocore and Soulpix. Other clients include Swarovski.

His passion for acting evolved from a lifetime of taking on different professions. Sunny worked as a Police Community Support Officer for the Metropolitan Police: Teacher in South America’s underprivileged indigenous communities; Freelance Journalist / activist in the Middle East: Legal Case worker in a Cape Town NGO, who work to support refugees from illegal deportation; Charity fundraiser for the Red Cross, and finally working as a one-to-one teacher for special needs children in London’s Primary schools for 2 years.

In addition to speaking RP standard English, he is fluent in Gujarati, Urdu, and Hindi. He has a passion for singing (Indian, RNB, blues, soul) and poetry, and has performed at poetry cafes. He is also currently learning African styles of dancing and wants to learn Salsa, Bhangra, Hip Hop and contemporary dancing in the future.

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